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How Do I Add an Address to My Favorites?

    1. Map the desired address
    2. Tap on the map marker
    3. Tap the details box (without taping the Directions icon) and you will be directed to a Details page
    4. Under Favorites, tap Add

How Do I Get a Route Using a Recent or Contact’s Information?

    1. Tap the Directions icon, the second icon which looks like a bent arrow
    2. Swipe left or right to choose between Recent, Favorite, and Contact address
    3. Tap on the desired address to create a route

How Do I Clear My Recent History or Favorites?

    1. Tap on the Menu Key which looks like three dots (...)
    2. Select the Settings menu option
    3. Scroll to the bottom and tap either the clear recents or clear favorites button
    4. After select which one you wish to clear, you will be prompt a verification message.
    5. Once you have cleared all the items in that list will be cleared.
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